Acom Loan Review: Requirements, How to Pay

Acom Loan

Pros and Cons of Acom Loan

An ACOM Loan is a financial product offered by ACOM Consumer Finance Corporation, a financing company in the Philippines. Here are the pros and cons of an ACOM Loan:



In summary, ACOM Loans offer fast approval, flexible terms, and competitive interest rates. However, borrowers should know the eligibility criteria, fees, and potential interest costs. It’s essential to evaluate your financial situation and ability to repay the loan before applying.

Key Points

Features Details
Interest rate Ranges from 3.315% to 4.563%
Loan Amount Up to ₱500,000 (initial limit may vary)
Loan Tenure 6 to 10 months
Approval Time Typically within one day (credit evaluation)
Processing Fee One-time charge of ₱1,000 as a processing fee

What is ACOM?

ACOM is a financial company that provides various lending and financing services. Based on the information provided in your previous message, ACOM Consumer Finance Corporation is a financing company in the Philippines. It’s a subsidiary of ACOM Co., Ltd., a Japanese company established in 1978. ACOM specializes in offering fast cash loans and other financial products to consumers in the Philippines.
ACOM’s services in the Philippines include the REVOMAX Loan, an online loan offering features such as low interest rates, an extended repayment period, and the potential for an increasing credit limit based on your credit assessment.
ACOM is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Philippines, which means it is authorized to operate as a financing company in accordance with the Financing Company Act of 1998. The company is considered a legitimate and regulated financial institution in the Philippines.
ACOM offers various financial products and services to meet the borrowing needs of Filipinos, and it has branches and booths in different cities and provinces in Luzon. If you want their services, you can visit their locations or apply for a loan online through their website or mobile app.

Loans provided by ACOM


The REVOMAX Loan is an online loan product offered by ACOM. It typically features low interest rates, a longer repayment period, and an increasing credit limit based on your credit assessment. You can borrow varying amounts, ranging from ₱3,500 to ₱500,000 for your first ACOM loan. This type of loan allows you to borrow additional amounts within your credit limit during the repayment period, making it a revolving loan.

Fast Cash Loan

ACOM may offer fast cash loans with relatively quick approval and disbursement. These loans are designed to give borrowers access to funds for various purposes.

Personal Loans

ACOM may provide personal loans to individuals who meet their eligibility criteria. Personal loans are typically unsecured loans that can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as debt consolidation, home improvement, travel, and more.

Salary Loans

Salary loans are offered to employed individuals based on their monthly income and employment status. Borrowers must have a stable job and meet specific income requirements to qualify for these loans.

Multi-Purpose Loans

ACOM’s loans can often be used for various purposes, including paying for education, funding a small business, home renovations, travel expenses, or any other financial need you may have.

Best Online Loans Similar to Acom

The table we will display offers a curated list of premier online loan services in the Philippines, akin to what Acom provides.

Company Loan Amount (PHP) Interest Rate Loan Term
Digido 1,000 – 25,000 From 0% to 11.9% Up to 30 days
MoneyCat 500 – 20,000 Up to 11.9% per month Up to 180 days
Kviku 500 – 25,000 1.2% per month Up to 180 days
Cashspace 1000 – 25,000 1.3% per month 2 – 4 months

Interest Rate for ACOM

ACOM’s fast cash loans, the interest rates ranged from 3.315% to 4.563%. These rates can be considered relatively competitive compared to some other lending institutions. However, the specific rate you may be offered can depend on your credit evaluation and other factors.

ACOM Cash Loan Requirements

Here are some typical requirements for an ACOM cash loan:

Specific loan products from ACOM may have additional requirements or variations in these requirements. It’s essential to inquire directly with ACOM or visit their official website for the most current and detailed information regarding their cash loan requirements.
The application process may also involve providing specific documents, such as a valid government-issued ID (e.g., PhilSys ID, UMID, passport), proof of employment (e.g., company ID or Certificate of Employment), and proof of Tax Identification Number (TIN), such as a TIN card, recent BIR 2316, or other relevant documents.

How Do You Get Approved for ACOM Loan?

While the specific requirements and approval process may vary based on the type of loan you’re applying for, here are general steps to increase your chances of approval:

ID`s accepted by ACOM

How Can You Repay a Loan in ACOM?

ACOM typically offers various repayment methods for borrowers to make it convenient for them to repay their loans.

Exclusive Features of ACOM Loan

Discover a world of financial flexibility with ACOM Loan, where convenience meets your unique borrowing needs. ACOM stands out with an array of exclusive features that empower borrowers in the Philippines. These features are tailored to offer quick solutions, flexibility, and competitive rates.

Fast Approval

ACOM loans are known for their relatively quick approval process, which means you can access the funds you need promptly, often within one day, depending on your credit evaluation.

No Collateral or Co-Maker Required

ACOM loans typically do not require borrowers to provide collateral or have a co-maker, making it more accessible to individuals who may not have these assets or guarantees.

Easy Monthly Repayments

Borrowers can make monthly repayments before the due date and pay more than the required installment, providing greater control over the repayment process.

Flexible Terms

ACOM loans offer flexible repayment terms, allowing you to choose a repayment period that suits your financial situation, usually six to ten months.

Increasing Loan Coverage

Depending on your credit evaluation and payment history with ACOM, you can increase your credit limit for subsequent loans, potentially up to ₱500,000.

Competitive Interest Rates

ACOM loans feature competitive interest rates ranging from 3.315% to 4.563%, which may be more favorable than other lending institutions.

Multi-Purpose Use

ACOM loans can be used for various purposes, such as paying for tuition, funding a small business, upgrading appliances or furniture, home renovation, travel expenses, and more, giving borrowers flexibility in utilizing the loan proceeds.

ACOM Customer Support

Here are some common customer support options for ACOM in the Philippines:

  1. Customer Service Hotline: ACOM usually offers a customer service hotline to call to speak with a representative for assistance. The contact number for customer support should be available on their official website or loan documents.
  2. Email: You may contact ACOM’s customer support team via email. They often provide an email address where you can send inquiries and receive assistance. The email address is typically available on their official website.
  3. Social Media: ACOM may have an official presence on social media platforms like Facebook. You can send messages or inquire through their social media channels.
  4. Branch and Booth Locations: If you prefer in-person assistance, you can visit an ACOM branch or booth. They typically have locations in various cities and provinces, which you can find on their official website.
  5. Official Website: ACOM’s official website often provides detailed information about their services, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and contact information. You can visit their website for information and to contact them electronically.
  6. Mobile App: ACOM may offer a mobile app that allows you to access their services and contact customer support.

Whom ACOM Loan Suits Better?

ACOM loans may be a suitable financial option for many individuals in the Philippines, but they are particularly well-suited for certain groups or situations. The suitability of an ACOM loan depends on your financial needs, eligibility, and preferences. Here are some scenarios in which an ACOM loan may be a good fit:

FAQ about Acom Loan

Is ACOM Loan legal in the Philippines?

Yes, ACOM loans are legal in the Philippines. ACOM is a well-established financial company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Philippines. It operates as a financing company in compliance with the Financing Company Act of 1998. As a registered financial institution, ACOM is authorized to provide loan products and financial services to consumers in the Philippines, and its operations are subject to regulatory oversight to ensure compliance with the country’s financial laws and regulations.

Is It Okay to Pay in Advance in ACOM Loan?

Yes, it’s generally okay to make advance payments on your ACOM loan. ACOM typically offers the flexibility for borrowers to make payments before the scheduled due date and to pay more than the required installment. Making advance payments can help you reduce the outstanding balance of your loan and potentially save on interest charges. However, it’s advisable to confirm the terms and conditions related to advance payments with ACOM directly, as specific policies may vary based on the loan agreement and product.

How Do I Edit Information on ACOM?

To edit your personal information with ACOM or update details on your loan account, contact ACOM’s customer support or visit their official website for specific instructions. They will guide you through the process and provide the necessary steps to make changes or updates to your information. Remember that the process may involve providing updated documentation and verifying your identity to ensure the accuracy of the changes made. It’s important to follow ACOM’s official procedures to ensure that your information is updated accurately and securely.

What Is the Highest Credit Limit for ACOM Loan?

The maximum credit limit for an ACOM loan could be up to ₱500,000.

Acom Competitors

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PesoQ 5,000 – 20,000 4% – 6% per month 91 – 365 days Read PesoQ Review
GCash 5,000 – 25,000 From 3% to 15% From 15 to 90 days Read GCash Review
CashBee 2,000 – 20,000 0,3% daily From 30 to 120 days Read CashBee Review
Revi Credit Philippines 1000 – 250,000 1% – 5% From 6 to 36 months Read Revi Credit Review
Tala 1,000 – 25,000 15% – 15.7% From 15 to 61 days Read Tala Review
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Vamo 1,000 – 30,000 From 1,3% From 10 to 3000 days Read Vamo Review
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