Terms of Use

By using the TriceLoans website and/or app, you agree to act in compliance with these Terms of Use. Study them before using the site or app. If you do not agree to abide by the rules, stop using the site or app immediately.

How Loan Referral Service Works

TriceLoans is not a lending organization. It provides services of connection to the borrowers with direct lenders included in the network. Before starting using the service, read Privacy Policy.

TriceLoans utilize the data collected from the users to connect them with lending organizations. If you don’t want to share personal information, check the corresponding box in the app. In this case, TriceLoans can’t guarantee the suitability or quantity of offered loans.

By submission of the application form, the users give consent for contacts from TriceLoans or its partners, affiliates, lenders, and marketing services by any communication means. The agreement to such contacts is not obligatory for using the services of TriceLoans. The user can revoke the consent at any moment.

The lending organizations participating in the network receive real-time access to the users’ applications to estimate compliance with lenders’ parameters. The applied information can be used for soft and hard checks against any official databases and tracking the credit status of the borrowers. By applying for a loan, the customer gives the lenders a right to access, check and confirm the information by any available means.

The system analyzes the application and determines its compliance with the criteria of direct lenders. If the underwriting criteria are met, the system redirects the user to the corresponding website of a lender. 

The user should understand that TriceLoans has no responsibility or involvement in the loan application processing or approval. The communications between users and lending organizations are held in accordance with the terms and policies of the loan organization.


The users of TriceLoans bear the responsibility for the truthfulness of provided information. The TriceLoans may deny or terminate access to services if the submitted information is incomplete or not accurate.

Access to the Services, Features, and Functions

TriceLoans can change any information, functions, or features without prior notice. Suppose TriceLoans determines in its own discretion that the actions of the user violate the terms of use or rights of the Company or third-party companies. In that case, the access can be rejected with no prior notice.

Any failures or delays caused by errors in the provided information or by uncontrollable technical problems are not the TriceLoans responsibility.

Links in the App/Website

TriceLoans may publish links to partner websites and services. Such links are provided for reference only. TriceLoans have no responsibility for the information, programs, services, or products on the third-party resources. The presence of the link doesn’t mean the approval of the services, content, and organizations by the TriceLoans.

Privacy Disclaimer

TriceLoans ensures the protection of the users’ data to a reasonable degree. The users can’t hold TriceLoans responsible for the notification or commercials from partners or affiliates received by the user. The users agree with providing their information to the lenders. TriceLoans can’t control the ways they use this information. The applied data can be provided to more than one partner lender.

TriceLoans recommend using a separate email address for business communications in order to avoid unwanted contacts or spam. Don’t submit the company phone number if you don’t want to receive commercial messages from third-party companies. Remember that your personal or family email can be used for unwanted communications or spam messages.

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