Privacy Policy

TriceLoans (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is an owner and an operator of the Site (hereinafter referred to as “the Website,” “the Site”). The Company doesn’t operate a database of customers. The Company doesn’t provide lending and finance-related services and doesn’t approve or deny loans. 

All the lenders participating in the network approving or denying the users’ applications are not agents or representatives of the Company. Lending services offered on the Site are not the Company’s products. Visitors submitted their information by filling the form on the Site, can see the advertisements the Company shows for services promotion.

Privacy of Consumers

The Company values the security of personal data and makes every effort to provide its security. The application requests from users transfer directly to the lenders; the Company has no access to the customer database or to provide personal data. The applied information is processed only by the direct lenders. 

This Privacy Policy determines the Company’s rights and responsibilities; it’s highly recommended to read the terms of Privacy Policy before using the services. Applying for a loan on the Site serves as an agreement with the terms of this Privacy Policy. The lenders don’t accept applications from users under the age of 18 years.

General Information

The TriceLoans Site provides the connection between lending companies and customers wanting to receive a loan. Visitors provide the required information in the form of the loan application. The Company transfers filled applications to the lender, who conducts further processing, makes a credit decision. 

Filling in the registration form is not obligatory for access to the Site services. The Site contains a description of lenders’ services. These materials are not legal information and can be used only for information purposes. The Company doesn’t use the contact information acquired during the registration for newsletters or other contacts.

Information Identifying the Person

Data handling includes several stages. The form is filled in by the customer, and this data delivers to the lenders for consideration. In case of the suitability of the applicant to the lender’s requirements, the system automatically redirects the applicant to the corresponding resource. The submitted information is transferred to the lender or seller as well. Submitting the information with the application form, the borrower agrees with the Privacy Policy of the corresponding resources. If the applicant doesn’t want his information to be provided to third parties, he/she should stop filling the application form.

1. Gathering of the Information. The application form requires the provision of the following identity details: first and last name, phone number, email, and physical address, social security, and bank account details. 

The system automatically receives the details about users’ software and devices. The personal information mentioned above is utilized by the system for connection with lenders and the selection of suitable services.

The information in the application form is necessary for application consideration by third-party lenders. If the user doesn’t complete the application form, the information, all the same, can be gathered and utilized by the system. The applications are not willingly accepted by users under the age of thirteen.

2. Usage of information. The submitted data are utilized for improving the quality of services. All the details are transferred to the participating lenders. The data provided by the user can help in solving technical problems, dispute situations, or ensuring the agreement fulfillment. 

The data utilization is limited to the necessary situations, guarantying the best possible services. On the basis of personal information, services can show advertisements interesting for the customer. The Company has a right to collect, sharing and disclose the information to third-party services.

By submitting the application form, the user agrees that the data can be provided to the lender and used for obtaining another customer-related information and checking the completeness and reliability of the provided information. 

The user knowingly agrees to share his/her private data with reliable third parties providing financial and loan companies, marketing services. The information gathering, storage, and sharing are carried according to the legislation in power.

3. Data sharing. The financial-related services are offered by partner companies. The Company has a right to share the submitted by the user information with such services to ensure better customer service. 

The private information can be provided to companies having an agreement with the Company and to consumer reporting agencies. Participating companies, affiliates, and partners can receive access to the users’ information when deemed necessary.

4. Information security. The personal information submitted by users is transferred to the direct lenders via protected channels. The Company takes all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of storage and transfer of the information. By submitting the application form, the customer understands all the risks.


The automatic opting-in occurs when the user submits personal information to the Site by filling in the form. The form submission means the user request to share his/her information with partner services.

If partner companies contact the user with marketing communications of any kind, the customer can notify them directly about preferable ways of using and sharing his/her personal information. The customer has a right to opt-out of further communications with the help of unsubscribed option or via email.

Using of Cookies

The term “Cookies” defines the fractions of information stored on the user’s device. The cookies don’t include personal information and are not tied to it. Customers have a right to use the Site without accepting cookies, but in this case, access to certain features can be limited.

The Site uses analysis tools Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. The information collected by Google can be shared with other Google services and used for site tracking and examination. Further information on personal data utilization by Google services can be found on Google official site at

The Site can also use AdSense. Third-party resources utilize cookies to show interest for the customer commercials on the basis of previous visits to the Site. Cookies allow Google and related companies to select the ads according to collected data if you want to opt-out of showing the personally selected ads at the page


The Site can publish links to third-party resources. The users should understand that the Company should not be held accountable for the content of other sites. It’s highly recommended to read the Privacy Policy of corresponding resources.

Security Measures
The Company utilizes special technologies to provide security of information and prevent access and disclosure not covered by this Policy. During the data transfer to the lenders, the protection is ensured by SSL protocol.

Disclosure of Information
The Company can’t guaranty the total avoidance of situations requiring the disclosure in ways not covered by this Policy. In the situations defined by law or in other necessary cases, government agencies can receive the provision of users’ personal details. 

The Company can provide the data regarding customers in situations when it is necessary for identifying or bringing to justice a person who may be a reason of abuse of rights or property of the Company, its employees, affiliates, partners, or others who may be hurt by the actions of such person.

Sharing Information
The submitted forms and loan applications are provided only to the partner lenders, ensuring their safety. The operator doesn’t have access to the applications and doesn’t see the information of customers submitted in the application form. 

By submitting the form, the user agrees to be contacted by the lenders regarding the loan requests and the process of borrowing. For this reason, applicants have no right to file a complaint regarding such contacts to the Federal Trade Commission and other agencies.

Information Confidentiality
The Company acts in accordance with federal standards regarding information protection. The Company prevents security breakage with all reasonable means and technologies.

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