Lending Companies in Taytay

The task of obtaining a loan in the Philippines seems a challenge. But this is true only if you are not prepared and fail to research all the nuances of loans. Everyone aiming to take out a loan in Taytay must consider the key factors that make loans attractive or not worth it.

Here belong fees, requirements to borrowers, loan terms and mounts, and the interest rates for a definite period. The APR is normally measured for a year. However, with short-term credits, you will need to know monthly interest rates to evaluate how beneficial the loan would be.

The most famous and trusted lending companies in the Philippines are the following ones.

Company Loan Amount (PHP) Interest Rate Loan Term
Digido 1,000 – 25,000 From 0% to 11.9% Up to 30 days
MoneyCat 500 – 20,000 Up to 11.9% per month Up to 180 days
Kviku 500 – 25,000 1.2% per month Up to 180 days
Cashspace 1000 – 25,000 1.3% per month 2 – 4 months

The East West Bank

The first is the East West Banking Corporation, registered at Beaufort, 5th Avenue Corner, 23rd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634. It is a convenient way to get a loan online, with all loan products and consultations available at www.eastwestbanker.com. Email or customer hotline inquiries are available at service@ eastwestbanker.com and (02) 8888-1700.

The company has 10 branches at the current moment and provides a few types of financial assistance:

  1. Home loans (0,5% to 0,83%).
  2. Car loans (0,5% to 3,1%).
  3. Personal loans (2,62% to 3,12%).
  4. Business loans (1,5% to 2%).

All rates are given per month, with personal and business loans for up to 36 months. Mortgages can last up to 360 months. To get one of these loans, one needs to be a Filipino citizen or permanent resident, be from 21 to 65 years old (on loan maturity), and make at least Php 180,000 per year. Providing papers such as certificates of employment or self-employment is also necessary. Financial services can be approved just in 1 business day.


Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

Next comes RCBC, or Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, with the address Yuchengco Tower, RCBC Plaza 6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 0727 Philippines. This company has the website www.rcbc.com and the phone number +800-8888-7222 for inquiries. RCBC offers home, auto, and personal loans to anyone employed over 2 years by a registered company or self-employed for at least 5 years, with profit coming in for 2 years. Home loans come at nearly 10,5% of APR, while loans for autos range from 5,75% to 33%, depending on whether the car is new or pre-owned, with the latter incurring higher interest rates.

Besides unsecured and secured loans, here you will additionally find such services as leasing, foreign exchange, remittance for foreigners, investment, etc.

Security Bank

Security Bank

Another company in the city that is worth considering as a financial assistance is Security Bank Corporation. Its headquarters is located at 6776 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, with 632 88-791-88 for inquiries. Offers and products can be viewed at www.securitybank.com. Loan types include:

Users from 18 years old and up to 68 years old are accepted if they have stable incomes and are actual Filipino citizens. Along with online loans, it gives a chance to make deposits and send money all over the world, as well as have a smooth experience using their mobile app to manage all transactions at any time.

Top OFW Lending Companies in Taytay

For borrowers from overseas, OFW lenders in the Philippines can become good options if they can meet the requirements and complete the application. In Taytay, the most popular and SEC registered OFW lenders are:

1. Juan Hand

JuanHand Logo

This lender requires collateral and only provides loans for up to 6 months. Its loan amounts are pretty flexible, as for payday cash loans, with a minimum of Php 2,000 and a maximum of Php 50,000.

Juan Hand belongs to the WeFund Lending Corporation and resides at Taguig, Metro Manila, at 1630 Trade and Finance Tower, 7th Avenue. Being an online lender, it can give a loan as fast as 5 minutes (but can take up to 120 hours in some cases) and has not many requirements. Questions can be asked at +63285390150, on the website sec.gov.ph, or by email at [email protected].

The interest fee is 0,3% to 0,5% per day. The requirements include opening a linked bank account, being a Filipino citizen from 20 to 60 years old, and demonstrating verified income. Payment options are various, including Gcash, UnionBank, or InstaPay, and debit cards by most Philippines banks.

2. Money Cat


The lender Money Cat is able to fund you fast – just in 24 hours. Its first loan comes at 0% interest, and all following loans would incur approximately 11% of interest per month. Amounts to be loaned range from Php 500 to Php 20,000. Loans are funded right after approval.

Repayment can be made either online or offline in its offices of ATMs. Maximum loan terms are 180 days.

Financial assistance by Money Cat is accessible anytime and can be reached by the number 0917 710 8022 or customer hotline (02)86556820. The address is 10F, Rockwell Business Center, South Tower, Sheridan. Brgy. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City.

3. Robocash


Robocash offers short-term and installment loans. It is registered at Unit A Murphy Center, 205 Bonny Serrano Road, Brgy. Socorro, Murphy, Cubao, Quezon City NCR Philippines 1109 has 11 branches all over the Philippines. Their phone number is (02) 876 8484, and their email address is [email protected].

The company offers loans from 1 to 180 days and gives up to Php 10,000 at interest rates from 0,5% to 1,39%. The funding can also be used to consolidate debts. Using the Robocash app, clients can get Php 1,000 more. Unlike short-term loans, installment loans come at zero percent of interest.

The pluses of such loans are super fast application. Hence, borrowers who meet the requirements can get funds quicker than traditional lenders and have a better experience with repaying.

Lending Companies in Taytay With Low Interest

If you are on low income right now and would like to save as much as possible on the interest, it makes sense to search for low interest lenders or special hardship programs available.

When it comes to financial services with merciful interests, we recommend having a look at the following companies.

1. Landbank

Land Bank of the Philippines

Landbank belongs to both low interest and OFW lenders since it offers an OFW reintegration program, and its interests can be anything near 0,625%. In a way, low interest is explained by the necessity to put up collateral when getting a loan from this company in Taytay.

Demanding collaterals, Landbank sees loans as less risky. Amounts taken range from Php 100,000 to 80% of the TRC. It provides these loan products: easy home, academe lending to cover tuition fees, electronic salary loan, agriculture, and fishers program, and similar.

Landbank’s address is 32/F, LANDBANK Plaza 1598 M.H. del Pilar Dr. J. Quintos St. Malate, Manila. You can reach them over the customer hotline (+632) at 8-405-7000.

2. Bank of the Philippines

BPI Leasing Corp

Bank of the Philippines, with its official name BPI LEASING CORP., is a well-known institution offering a set of credits and loans. Here belong secured business loans, salary loans, family loans (for homes), OFW and personal loans at up to 18% APR, auto loans, and housing loans at under 8% APR. Low down payments for housing loans (nearly 10% of the value) make it an option for those looking at mortgages.

The bank resides at 6768 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 0720, Philippines, and can be contacted through the hotline (632) 818 5541 to 48 889-10000. They have groups on Facebook and Twitter.

Not only borrowers need to sign on the application forms, but their spouses too. 2 valid IDs, a Certificate of Employment, and the Latest Income Tax Returns for 2 years are also a requirement.

3. Mindanao Consolidated Cooperative Bank

This bank specializes in long-term loans and offers a 30-day payday jewelry loan with 3 months grace period. The reason it’s called jewelry is that users need to put up gems of at least 14 carats as collaterals.

To the spectrum belong pension, auto, motorcycle, salary, home, seamen (OFW), personal, and bonus loans. To qualify, a borrower needs to present pay slips for 3 months, bank statements, a Certificate of Employment, and similar, and be 21 to 65 years old.

Most of these loan providers have flexible payment options and loan terms.

FAQ on Lending Companies in Taytay

Yes, private lending is allowed here. To choose the best option from private and government lenders, you must research a lot. All in all, with a legal lender, you wouldn’t worry if it’s a scam and have an official loan.

As a rule, you must fill out a form online or offline, depending on the chosen lender. Next, your application will be processed, and you will be notified about the decision. Make sure to give all necessary documents and meet the loan’s eligibility criteria.

Though loans of this kind are not that widespread in the Philippines, you can easily get one if you qualify. Some payday, or salary loans, offer this loan term.

The big financial companies in the Philippines are BDO Network Bank, Pag-IBIG Fund, and Security Bank. BPI Leasing, and Landbank. They have branches and ATMs all over the islands.

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