Lending Companies in Malabon

Financial emergencies arise out of the blue and might disrupt your daily lives if you don’t act fast. Here are a few lending companies that can help you in your times of need.

Company Loan Amount (PHP) Interest Rate Loan Term
Digido 1,000 – 25,000 From 0% to 11.9% Up to 30 days
MoneyCat 500 – 20,000 Up to 11.9% per month Up to 180 days
Kviku 500 – 25,000 1.2% per month Up to 180 days
Cashspace 1000 – 25,000 1.3% per month 2 – 4 months

Security Bank

Security Bank

Security Bank is a lending company in the Philippines registered under SEC that aims to offer financial support to people in need. You can contact them at any of the three branches in the city of Malabon, located at:

You could also call them at 8887-9188. The products are:

You need to meet the following requirements:

Asteria Lending Inc.

If you are looking for personal loans, Asteria Lending Inc. is an SEC-licensed company that understands the need for speed when it comes to financial assistance. You can approach them at their office located at Unit 305 3/F 6762 National Life Insurance Building, San Lorenzo, Ayala Avenue, Makati City. But the online services can be enjoyed even in Malabon. You can also contact them via telephone at 0998-584-5045 or 0906-349-9080 or simply email them at [email protected].

They offer the following loan products:

The amount you can borrow ranges from ₱2,000 to ₱20,000, and the payment options are 61 days, 10 weeks, or three months.

To be eligible for a loan, you need to be a salaried or self-employed individual with a minimum net monthly income of PHP 15,000 and a legal ID (New TIN ID, UMID, Driver’s License, and New PhilHealth ID). You must also have a bank-specified credit score.



Finbro is an SEC-approved lending company in Malabon that tries to cater to the needs of people who experience financial issues. Finbro doesn’t have numerous loan products; it just has one to offer to the people – quick unsecured loans.

The loan amount starts from ₱1000 and can go up to ₱50000, with payment terms spread across 12 months. The conditions that you need to meet to be eligible for their loans are:

You can call them on the numbers 09690471419 or 09176200773 or email them at [email protected]. Their representative head office is located in Unit 1405 Philippine Stock Exchange Tektite San Antonio, Pasig, but they cater to the whole Philippines.

Top OFW Lending Companies in the Philippines


BPI Leasing Corp

BPI was founded in 1851 and is one of the oldest SEC-approved institutions which offers numerous financial services. The Seafarer Loan, which is considered among the best OFW credit facilities in the Philippines, is given by this institution. It allows seafarers to borrow up to ₱300,000 and use it for any purpose, like business, child education, etc. BPI also has the following loans:

You have to contact them at (+632)889-10000 or go to their branches at:

You need the following documents:

The monthly repayments vary from 12 months to 36 months.

Cash Mart

Cash Mart

Cash Mart is a reliable lending company licensed by the SEC and offers OFW credit options with a hassle-free experience. You can get any of the following loans:

The OFW loan amount varies from ₱3,000 to ₱30,000 and can be availed by individuals between the age of 21 to 50 years. The repayment terms are weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and the interest is charged at 0.0571% per day. There is also an additional 10% processing fee on the principal loan amount. These are the borrower requirements:

Feel free to contact them via any of the following methods:

Landbank of Philippines

Land Bank of the Philippines

Landbank is an SEC-approved institution that seeks to support overseas workers by forming a tie-up with Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). The products they offer include:

The minimum borrowing amount is ₱100,000 and can go up to ₱2 million for sole proprietorship and ₱5 million for partnerships, corporations, and cooperatives). The interest rate is fixed at 7.5% per annum. You need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

You can contact them at (+632)8405-7000 and 1-800-10-405-7000 or email them at [email protected]. The Malabon branch is located at Malabon City Hall Bldg, F. Sevilla Blvd, San Agustin, Malabon.

Lending Companies in the Philippines With Low Interest



Digido is an SEC-licensed lending company that offers credit facilities with low interest rates, which is beneficial for people with low income. You can contact them via telephone at (02)8876-84-84 or reach out to them at their representative office, which is located at Units P107003R, P107007R, and P107008R, Level 7 Cyberpark Tower 1, 60 Gen. Aguinaldo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines 1109. But it is an online lending service, so you can get a loan even as a Malabon resident. The main product Digido is popular for is its instant online loans.

For your first loan, Digido gives you ₱1,000 to ₱10,000 with 0% interest for 7 days. If you are a repeat borrower, you can get up to ₱25,000 for 180 days. To be eligible, you need to meet the following requirements:

Money Cat


Money Cat is a lending service licensed by the SEC that seeks to offer quick financial services, with a simple process to sign up for a loan. Their office is located at Unit 1701, Tycoon bldg Pearl Drive at. Brgy San Antonio Ortigas Center Pasig City, Philippines 1800, but since their service is online, you can take out a loan even from Malabon. You could also call them at 09688747401 or 09688693937 or email at [email protected]. They specialize in instant online loans.

You need to meet the following conditions to be able to fill out the application form:

Money Cat allows people to borrow an amount ranging between ₱1,000 to ₱3,800 for first-time borrowers and up to ₱20,000 for repeat borrowers. The payment term can be adjusted from 7 days to 28 days. The interest rates are minimal, with the minimum being 0% per day and the maximum being 3% per day.


Tonik is a digital bank approved by the SEC that plans to change the way finances work in Southeast Asia. Tonik offers a Flex Loan, which enables people to borrow high amounts with minimal interest rates in the market. If you have a Tonik Savings account, you become eligible for the Tonik products, which include:

You can get a minimum of ₱20,000 and go up to ₱250,000, which can be repaid in a period of 6 to 24 months. You can adjust your payment options and due dates according to your convenience.

Here are the requirements for availing the service:

You have to contact them at Unit 605B, 6/F West Wing, The Offices at Estancia, 1605 Meralco Ave, Pasig City, Philippines, but you can claim their services even in the city of Malabon. You can also email them at [email protected] or call them at +6328708-7087.

FAQ on Lending Companies in the Malabon

Yes, private lending is legal in the city of Malabon, so you can easily borrow from private lenders. Just make sure they are approved by the SEC for a secure transaction.

To get a loan as a Malabon citizen, you need to fill up an application form and check if you meet the various requirements set by the lenders. You also need to have a reliable credit score.

Yes, you can get a loan for 3 months in the city of Malabon. There are different time durations for loans, and the period can vary from 1 week to 6 months.

According to the market cap, the largest financing company in Malabon is Cashmart. They are an online lending service licensed by the SEC, which offers personal loans, salary loans, OFW loans, and auto loans.

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