Cashwagon Loan App Review


Cashwagon, a key loan company in the Philippines and a subsidiary of Green Money Tree Lending Corp., has made significant strides in the personal loan sector. Recognized for its swift and accessible loan services, it appeals especially to those who find traditional banking services less accessible. On Cashwagon’s website, customers can effortlessly qualify for an instant loan at Cashwagon, with options to select loan maturity and claim the money promptly.

Cashwagon’s commitment extends beyond mere loan provision. They aim to empower Filipinos by offering financial solutions that cater to urgent monetary needs. The company’s transparency is evident in its privacy policy and clear communication of terms, ensuring customers fully know what they need to pay.

Cashwagon is part of the list of registered organizations, affirming its credibility and compliance with necessary inspections. This fintech provider, also present in countries across Southeast Asia like Malaysia, guarantees loan confirmation and account funding within 24 hours, making it easy for people to manage payments through its app on Playstore.

Key Points

Key Term Description/Details
Loan Type Personal, Short-term loans
Loan Amount Range PHP 1,000 to PHP 20,000
Interest Rate Ranges from 3% to 8% per month
First-Time Borrower Offer Zero-interest loan up to PHP 6,000 for first-time borrowers
Application Process Online, streamlined, and convenient
Approval Time Typically within one hour
Repayment Schedule Clear and structured, with multiple payment options
Late Payment Penalties PHP 500 on specific overdue days, additional charges up to PHP 700
Regulatory Compliance Registered and compliant with the SEC
Availability Accessible to a wide range of borrowers in the Philippines
Additional Features User-friendly mobile app for loan management
Potential Risks Higher costs on long-term loans, impact on credit score

What Happened to Cashwagon

Cashwagon introduced a new cash pick-up option for its loans in the Philippines. This move allows users, even those in remote communities, to conveniently access cash loans without needing a bank account. They can pick up the cash from one of Cashwagon’s many partners by presenting a reference number and ID. This expansion is part of Cashwagon’s broader aim to serve over 60 million Filipinos, considering the Philippines’ significant internet user base and mobile subscribers. This initiative reflects Cashwagon’s commitment to increasing financial inclusion, especially among those who may not have easy access to traditional banking services​.

However, there have been some challenges as well. Cashwagon Philippines and Indonesia had loans suspended from the Primary and Secondary Markets on Mintos. This decision was made due to the inability of the Cashwagon group to honor the buyback guarantee on its loans, a situation impacted by developments in Vietnam. The management team of Cashwagon is in constant communication with Mintos to resolve these issues and provide updates on the situation. This suspension is a protective measure for investors, preventing new investments until the situation is resolved​.

These updates indicate the strides Cashwagon is making in expanding and enhancing its services and the challenges it faces in maintaining its financial commitments in the dynamic and complex fintech landscape.

Loan Types Offered by Cashwagon

Cashwagon specializes in personal loans, catering to a wide range of financial needs. The company primarily offers short-term loans, ideal for individuals needing quick financial assistance.

Their available loan options primarily focus on short-term cash needs. With a minimum amount starting at PHP 1,000 and going up to PHP 20,000, these cash loans are designed to accommodate a diverse clientele. Especially appealing is their offer for first-timers: a zero-interest cashwagon personal loan up to PHP 6,000. This unique feature sets them apart in the lending market, making them a legit and attractive choice for quick financial solutions

Ease of Access and Process Efficiency

Cashwagon’s standout feature is its streamlined and effective approach to loan application. The entire procedure is conducted online, from application to approval and fund disbursement.

This electronic method negates the necessity for physical paperwork, significantly simplifying user experience. The mobile application further simplifies this experience, offering the ability to oversee smartphone loans and payment schedules.

What’s particularly noticeable about the approach is the rapidity of its approval time duration. Loan approvals typically occur within an hour, ensuring swift fund transfer, which is vital for those requiring urgent financial support.

Comparing Cashwagon with Traditional Banking Services

In comparison to conventional banking services, Cashwagon distinguishes itself in various aspects. Conventional banks typically impose rigorous criteria for loan approvals, necessitating thorough documentation, credit evaluations, and, occasionally, collateral. Such procedures can be lengthy and might not be feasible for numerous prospective users.

Conversely, Cashwagon streamlines the borrowing procedure. With only basic requirements like a government-issued ID and proof of income, it extends its reach to a broader demographic.

Furthermore, the lack of collateral or detailed credit history requirements with Cashwagon enables access for individuals who conventional financial institutions might have overlooked.

Application Process for a Cashwagon Loan

Qualifying for a loan is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free. The company has streamlined its application procedure to ensure quick and easy access to funds for its clients. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how easy to apply for a loan, along with the document requirements and eligibility criteria.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply for a Loan

  1. Start by visiting Cashwagon’s official website or downloading the Cashwagon app. The initial step involves creating an account by providing basic personal information.
  2. Once registered, customers need to complete the loan application form. This form typically asks for details like full name, contact information, and the desired loan amount, terms and conditions.
  3. After filling out the application form, you will be required to upload or submit necessary documents. These documents are usually to verify your identity and income.
  4. The reliable lender will then review your application. Usually it is swift, with approvals often occurring within an hour.
  5. Once your loan is approved, Cashwagon Philippines will pay your account. The speed of disbursement is one of the highlights of lender’s service, often happening on the same day of application.
  6. Finally, borrowers must adhere to the agreed-upon schedule for fulfilling their financial obligations. Transactions can be conducted through various channels for ease of use.

Document Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

To have chances of getting a loan, applicants must meet certain requirements and provide specific documents:

It’s important to note that the application system is designed to be inclusive, catering to a wide audience, including those who may not have access to traditional banking facilities. By ensuring a minimal, yet effective set of requirements, Cashwagon makes financial assistance more accessible to the general populace.

Understanding Cashwagon’s Interest Rates and Fees

Cashwagon’s strategy regarding fees and interest is tailored for transparency and flexibility, addressing the varied requirements of clients.

For their usual rates, Cashwagon applies a charge fluctuating between 3% to 8% monthly, influenced by the loan’s size and conditions. They also present a compelling benefit for newcomers: an initial loan of up to PHP 6,000 with zero percent interest, presenting an appealing choice for new clients.

Fee Type Amount / Rate
Interest Rate 3% – 8% per month
Transaction Fee 1% – 5% of the loan amount
Late Payment Fee PHP 500 on specific overdue days
Overdue Loan Charges Up to PHP 700

Beyond these rates, Cashwagon imposes several additional costs. The administrative fee, necessary for covering loan management expenses, lies between 1% to 5% of the borrowed amount, aligning with industry norms.

Regarding overdue installments, Cashwagon enforces a penalty of PHP 500, applicable on specific delayed days past the due date. This approach encourages customers to repay on time and clarifies the ramifications of delays.

Additionally, for late remittances, borrowers may incur extra charges of up to PHP 700, underscoring the significance of adhering to the scheduled payment plan.

Comparison with Market Averages

Description Details
Average Interest Rate 2% to 5% per month
Average Transaction Fee 1% to 3% service charge
Average Late Payment Charges 500₱ to 1000₱ for an overdue loan payment

These tables show that lender’s interest rates are somewhat higher than the market average, ranging from 3% to 8% per month, compared to the average of 2% to 5%.

However, its handling fees fall within a comparable range to the market, albeit potentially toward the higher side. As for overdue fees, Cashwagon’s highest charge of 700₱ is relatively lower than the upper limit of the market’s average.

Potential customers need to consider these rates and fees in the context of their own financial situations. While Cashwagon provides an accessible and fast solution for urgent financial needs, the costs associated with their loans should be carefully weighed against personal financial capabilities and needs.

Cashwagon’s Legitimacy and Legal Compliance

Cashwagon operates under the umbrella of Green Money Tree Lending Corp., which is duly registered and compliant with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines. This registration is a crucial factor in establishing its legitimacy and adherence to the country’s financial regulations.

Regulatory Aspect Details
Company Name Green Money Tree Lending Corp.
SEC Registration Number CS201718196
Certificate of Authority 2343
Interest Rates 3.00% – 8.00% per month
Compliance Status Fully Compliant

The company’s legal standing in the Philippines is further solidified by its transparent business practices and customer-centric approach. The company’s transparent disclosure of interest rates, fees, and loan terms significantly builds consumer trust. Furthermore, Cashwagon’s presence in the official list of lending companies authorized by the SEC reassures customers of its legitimacy and reliability.

Benefits of Choosing Cashwagon for Personal Loans

Cashwagon with its distinct approach to personal lending, offers a range of benefits that make it a preferred choice for many people in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. The company’s loan services stand out due to their customer-centric and user-friendly features. Here are some key advantages of choosing this company for personal loans:

Quick and Easy Application Process

One of the primary advantages is their efficient application system. The ease and speed with which applicants can complete the loan application are unmatched. Thanks to an online form that can be filled out in minutes and a rapid approval system, Cashwagon ensures that clients can access funds promptly, often within hours of applying. This swift response is especially advantageous for those requiring urgent financial aid.

Accessible to a Wider Audience

Cashwagon’s minimal eligibility criteria make its services accessible to a broader population. Unlike conventional banks, which often require extensive documentation and a high credit score, Cashwagon offers loans with more relaxed requirements. This inclusivity is a significant advantage for individuals with limited access to other forms of credit.

Competitive Interest Rates and Transparent Fees

The lender stands out with its appealing finance charges, particularly beneficial for new clients, featuring zero interest on initial borrowings up to a specific limit. Additionally, the clarity in its fee schedule, detailing all expenses without any concealed charges, guarantees that clients are thoroughly aware of their loan’s total cost.

Convenient Online Management

The Cashwagon app enhances user experience by allowing customers to manage their loans online. This convenience means that borrowers can track their loan status, view payment schedules, and make repayments, all from their mobile devices. This digital approach aligns well with the needs of a tech-savvy population.

Strong Customer Service and Support

The company’s commitment to customer service is evident in its responsive support system. With multiple channels for communication, including a hotline, email, and social media platforms, Cashwagon ensures that clients can easily reach out for assistance or inquiries, enhancing the overall user experience.

Legal Compliance and Trustworthiness

As a fully compliant entity registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Cashwagon’s legal standing adds to its credibility. This compliance reassures people of the legitimacy and safety of opting for a loan with the company.

Repayment and Penalties: What Borrowers Should Know

Clients need to grasp the nuances of settling a Cashwagon loan and the implications of missed installments. Such understanding is pivotal not only for effective financial management but also for circumventing extraneous fees. Here’s a detailed overview of how to fulfill financial obligations and the consequences of delayed payments:

Late Payment Penalties and Charges

For those considering Cashwagon’s financial services, it’s important to understand the implications of delayed loan reimbursements. Initially, missing a scheduled reimbursement leads to a PHP 500 penalty imposed by Cashwagon.

This penalty is applied on specific days – the third, tenth, and thirtieth after the due date, underscoring the necessity of prompt repayment.

Furthermore, should loan reimbursements fall behind schedule, one might face extra charges of up to PHP 700. These fees are put in place as an incentive for prompt repayment.

Significantly, allowing payments to lapse or outright defaults can adversely affect one’s credit history. Maintaining a strong credit history is vital for financial stability and the ability to secure future loans. Hence, adhering to the repayment schedule is crucial not only to avoid additional costs but also to protect your credit standing.

Potential Risks and Downsides of Cashwagon Loans

While Cashwagon delivers easy-to-use and accessible financial solutions, potential clients must recognize the risks and drawbacks associated with these offerings. This impartial review is intended to provide unbiased insights, enabling individuals to reach well-informed decisions.

A primary factor to consider is the cost of borrowing, which ranges from 3% to 8% per month. Especially for loans spanning a longer duration, this cost can accumulate to a substantial total payback amount.

Awareness of the fees for overdue repayments is also essential. In instances where reimbursements are not timely, Cashwagon applies a surcharge of PHP 500 for each delayed period, with potential additional fees reaching up to PHP 700, significantly increasing the owed amount.

Potential Risk/Downside Details
Interest Rate 3% – 8% per month, higher on long-term loans
Late Payment Penalties PHP 500 on overdue days, additional charges up to PHP 700
Impact on Credit Score Negative impact due to late payments or defaults
Over-Reliance Risk Ease of access may lead to frequent borrowing

Furthermore, paying back on time is critical as unpaid installments or defaults can adversely affect your credit score, potentially impacting your future financial opportunities.

Another aspect to consider is the ease of obtaining these loans; while convenient, it could lead to a pattern of frequent borrowing, which might create financial challenges in the long term.

Users are encouraged to evaluate these factors carefully against their financial ability and requirements to ensure a manageable and positive loan experience with Cashwagon.


Cashwagon emerges as a robust choice for individuals seeking swift, short-duration financial solutions. This review has highlighted various facets of their services, providing a comprehensive evaluation of what clients can anticipate.

Its accessibility, speedy procedures, and transparent fee framework render it a user-friendly option, especially for individuals lacking immediate access to conventional financial services. The absence of interest charges for new customers is a notable advantage that distinguishes Cashwagon in the market.

Nevertheless, clients should remain vigilant about the elevated rates for extended loan durations and the consequences of delayed repayments, both in terms of their finances and credit profiles. The potential to excessively depend on frequent loans is another consideration to bear in mind.

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